Puppy Advice

Are you ready to have your home taken over? Puppies in general require love, companionship and leadership. Are you ready to walk a dog every day, groom every day, play every day? Are you ready to spend time training your puppy to enable him to grow up with good manners?On the internet and in books you will find unlimited information on the pros and cons of dog ownership. Take some time to look at some, and if you still think you are ready the next consideration is what breed of dog would best suit your family. Again all the information you require about each breed is available, read it, a little thought now can save a lot of heartache later.

Now I guess that as you are looking at this site you are considering a Lhasa Apso, so what are these little dogs from Tibet like?

They are believed to be one of the oldest breeds of dogs, being bred by the Monks of Tibet as indoor watchdogs. They would sleep by their masters and warn of any intruders. They were valued for their intelligence and fearlessness. They were never sold; they were only given as gifts.

Tibet is in South Central Asia and sees extremes in weather, from harsh winds and very low temperatures in the winter, to very hot, dusty daytimes in the summer.

So they will bark at your visitors, be brave even when facing bigger dogs, and will require lots of grooming. They will be very loyal to your family but maybe a little reserved around strangers. Don't think of them as a 'little' dog; they think they are big! Yes they will cuddle and sit on your lap, but they will love to walk and run. Because of their intelligence (and a little arrogance!), they will require you to be a clear pack leader. You must be assertive in the proper training of these dogs as they will surely test you if you don't.

They can, and very often do, make excellent family pets. Ours sleep on my bed, cuddle as much as they can, are incredibly loyal and come with us on our annual walking holiday!  What more could anyone want?

If you would like to be considered as a prospective owner of a Dardanelles puppy, please read on.

We endeavour to breed quality sound puppies of excellent temperament that will be a joy to own. All dogs will be tested with all BVA and Kennel Club required health checks before breeding, and all puppy registrations will be endorsed so that any progeny cannot be registered with the Kennel Club. Needless to say we will happily lift this endorsement once all BVA and Kennel Club health checks have been successfully passed.

We will give you every support possible and in the unfortunate circumstance that you could not keep the puppy, at any time of its life, we insist that we are notified and have him/her returned to us.

Be prepared to have many questions asked of you, and ask questions of us. This is to ensure that if you decide to go ahead, the right puppy will be placed with you. 

Sorry, no puppy will be placed with full time workers.