We have decided to feed our dogs on a natural diet - that is, a diet that will replicate as close as possible that of any wild dog or wolf.

Previously, we had fed our dogs with expensive kibble of various makes, and although we had not had any major problems, after finding the Raw Meaty Bones website it just seemed to make perfect sense.

Our dogs love it and they are in the best of condition. Our puppies will be reared this way and we will encourage new owners to continue this diet when they take their puppy home.

Why feed this way? Dogs left to their own devices would have no problem finding the right food to eat. It would include eating the entire carcass of anything caught. Now, our pets may not go 'hunting', but we can provide them with the right alternative.

Raw, meaty bones make up 70% of their diet, with offal, fish and mince making up the rest. 

What's so great about this diet? Dogs with gleaming white teeth, no gum disease and sweet breath; no allergies or skin problems and less waste from the other end! For more information please use the websites available on my links page.