About Us

I have had dogs for most of my life. My first puppy was bought for me when I was five, and he was a Border Collie cross called Toby. He lived for sixteen years and was loyal and protective. Following him was my first pedigree, a little Shetland Sheepdog called Rusty. He was adorable, but when I married, as I was the youngest leaving home, I left him to keep my parents company!

Our first family dog was a Border Collie which I trained in obedience, and in the early eighties we had our first Golden Retriever. We went on to show and breed them with some success. Family and work commitments however meant this was short lived.

This is our family at my son Simon's wedding in 2007. From left to right: Gemma, Stephen, me, Megan, Simon and Claire.

We then got our first Lhasa, rather unintentionally!  A best friend, who had never had a dog before, asked if we would help her decide which would be the best breed for her. After some research she decided on a Lhasa. We discovered that the President of The Lhasa Apso Club (Irene Plumstead), lived just down the road! Needless to say we made contact and although she had a litter they were all sold. We went to see the pups anyway and one little boy took quite a shine to me!

We left our number in case anyone cancelled and a couple of days later found our friend a lovely little Lhasa puppy from Suffolk. 

A week later Irene rang to say that she had a cancellation and asked if we were interested. I laughed and said I had never had a small dog and if I was interested than I would only want the little boy that had 'chosen' me.  Well along came Hector into our family, and thus began our love affair with this wonderful breed. He changed our opinions completely, for these are no lapdogs! They are 'big' dogs in a little dog's body!  They are such characters,  and we can never imagine being without one! 

In 2005 Maisie joined our family and Dardenelles Lhasa Apsos came into being. In 2008 Maisie gave birth to her first litter and our Lhasa family has grown to four, now including little Belle and handsome Basil from Maisie’s litter. The Lhasas are jointly owned with my daughter Gemma, who had always wanted "one of those little dogs with fur right down to the ground".

We endeavour to breed quality sound puppies of excellent temperament that will be a joy to own. All dogs will be tested with all BVA and Kennel Club required health checks before breeding, and all puppy registrations will be endorsed so that any progeny cannot be registered with the Kennel Club. Needless to say we will happily lift this endorsement once all BVA and Kennel Club health checks have been successfully passed.